Project Details

Company Name:Paladin Computech Pvt. Ltd.

Platform: Desktop Application

Used Technologies

Visual Studio


A few details

The Project

SWORD stands for System With Objects Relation & Design.

SWORD was developed for a specific requirements of Modular Kitchen providers for comprehensive reporting and robust processing of day-to-day tasks. It is a tailor made ERP system with CRM & BI. It has an exhaustive set of features like contacts management, marketing, planning, designing, sales, projects, assets, inventory etc.

SWORD is also connected with web portal and also with Mobile Interface.

Some special


SWORD is a desktop PC based ERP, CRM & BI.

SWORD is first of a kind product designed for specific needs. It has a very deep integration with business and it acts as the backbone of the company. Every piece of information is gathered and processed in a predefined systematic way and the right information is reported to the right person.

SWORD has helped our client achieve more customers and generate more business which is the prime motive of SWORD.

It is an indigenous project and a completely make in India product.

How we solved it

Our approach

Our approach was to make an application for the modular kitchen business for which was the first of a kind. This business follows a lot of traditional and trusted business rules and our target was to not to break or amend the rules but provide a software which can be easily understandable by the users, provide in-depth details and process the information rapidly to speed-up the business processes.

The insight behind the success of the SWORD is learning the nature and way of doing the business and trusted rules of the business for efficiently designing the SWORD.


Right from getting a contact to converting the lead into business, everything is possible with CRM provided by SWORD. The versatile function can be further expanded by the fact that it can also send important information to the customers and it can also store details provided by customers on your website.


SWORD provides every kind of versatility in warehouse management as it can handle multi location warehouses, multi point supply locations and a complete references of the smallest of the products kept in the warehouse. This smart warehousing solution further helps in the purchasing process.

Highly Customized

SWORD is highly customized as per client’s requirement to follow as per industry standards & business rules hence providing ease of use without changing the traditional & trusted business rules but providing speed and agility to business.

Smart BI

SWORD provides real-time data to the users working at different locations to efficiently place the orders and further the purchase team gets the exact quantity of items to be purchased & the exact quantity of inventory left in the warehouse. This helps in optimizing cost and time. It is a part of Smart BI infused in SWORD.


SWORD provides an interface which smartly checks for updates and ensures you are always up-to-date with the latest patches and bug-fixes. The updates delivery is done online without requirement of any kind of user interference with the system.

One-Click Support

SWORD is equipped with a one-click support mechanism for any technical support. It is also enhanced with automatic bug reporting with screenshot feature to provide world class service to our clients. Now that’s what is called edge in support.

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